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. al jazeera, berlin. >> thailand's navy has increased patrols to try to stem the flow of refugees from myanmar. more of them are entering thailand legally to try to escape harsh conditions and ethnic violence. this report from southern thailand. >> tired and confused, they arrived on foreign soil. 88 refugees spending more than 10 days at sea after leaving western myanmar. they said they had no choice but to leave. >> the soldiers would take women and daughters and rape them and then turned them back the next day. we had no freedom. we could not go anywhere. we had to make our own future. >> myanmar is predominantly buddhist, and the muslim minority are largely seen as illegal immigrants from neighboring bangladesh. after fighting between bouterse and muslims last year, more than 100,000 left homeless. this was all happening at a sensitive time for thailand. it has been ranked as a tier 2 nation on the watch list for human trafficking. if it is ranked again this year, it will drop to tier 3, meaning it will be ranked alongside north korea as one of the worst nations in the world for hu
that was pulled off the air in thailand. was it too violent or just to political? >> morning and 2000 prisoners are to be released by the syrian government in exchange for 48 iranian hostages. the iranian men were kidnapped in august by rebel forces, and they delivered an ultimatum october saying they would kill the hostages if syrian prisoners were not released. the swap was brokered by a turkish charity. for more let's bring in hashem, joining us near the border with syria. what do we know on the swap deal? >> the main charity, the humanitarian based assistance that broker the deal, they said the prisoner swap is under way. 48 iranians were released on the outskirts of the capital and 2100 syrians are to be released in different areas. damascus, homs, hana -- so it is going to take a few hours during the day before the whole process is completed. what is happening is the following. measures from a aid agency along with it -- officials from the ministry of the interior are monitoring the prisoner swap. it is very crucial, very critical. they have to ensure that all the prisoners are to be rele
an agreement to run a training program for refugees who are currently in thailand. the program aims to help refugees be self-sufficient after they're able to return home to myanmar. the ngo will offer two training courses, one will cover how to use computers and the other will be on agriculture machine maintenance. they plan to open the training center as early as april at a refugee camp near the thai/myanmar border. they will be trained with knowledge and practical skills. it will be available to 600 students. >> translator: this project will give refugees the skills they need to plan their lives and make a living. it will help make their return home smoother. >> the camps are home to 140,000 refugees who fled myanmar under threat of military regime. now, some of them are preparing themselves to go back home. >>> thailand is facing another refugee issue. thousands of people have been landing in the south of the country in recent months. they are fleeing violence and persecution in myanmar. they risk their lives in search of safety but the future remains uncertain. nhk world has this report
reports from the northeastern thailand on a threat to the food chain. >> reporter: still waters in northeastern thailand. at first glance, this man-made lake looks like a fisherman's paradise. >> yes! >> reporter: but these people aren't fishing just for fun. they are trying to catch one of the biggest and most aggressive fresh water fish in southeast asia. look at this giant fish. the length is 70 centimeters and it weighs 5 kilos. this fish causes problems for people in fishing communities. the population of these fish has ballooned in recent years. in this lake alone more than 20 were nabbed during a one-day effort to catch them. it was sponsored by the government to reduce the number of unwanted snakehead fish. >> translator: the problem here is very serious. villagers can't fish what they used to, because of the growing number of snakehead fish. behind the dam, the water doesn't flow and it's a closed environment, so the snakeheads eat most of the other fish. >> reporter: observers say dams built irrigate fields or generate electricity are to blame for the rise of this mons
language programs can only be viewed in select u.s. cities. >>> a breed of cat from thailand was once prized by people who believed it brings good luck but today, it's at risk. the elegant felines have caught hearts of cat lovers abroad where they fetched high prices but not at home. where foreign brands are preferred. efforts are under way to reverse the trend by promoting the charm of the cats and preventing them from being crossed with other breeds. nhk world has more. >> reporter: this blue-gray short-haired cat comes from here in thailand. the breed is named after a region in thailand. they have a long history and are mentioned in text that date back 200 to 300 years. their fur is soft and shines. its eyes glean like dew drops on the leaf. it was initially thought to bring good luck. due to the rarity of the breed, today a single animal can cost as much as $5,000 in western countries of japan. but in the native thailand, it's a growing common in country that even at pet shows they are rarely seen. >> translator: younger pet owners may not even know korats. they prefer foreign bre
with insulting the monarchy in thailand usually results in a long jail term. and that is exactly what was handed down of the criminal courts in bangkok. he was given 10 years for publishing articles in his magazine deemed offensive to the monarchy and an additional year for a separate defamation case. this verdict is another blow to thailand's human rights record and, in particular, freedom of speech, which is safeguarded by the constitution. but the magistrate overrides everything else. he did not write the articles and his legal team printing it. but when it comes to insulting the monarchy, few policeman or judges are willing to throw cases out for fear they, too, may be accused of being disloyal. >> this is a problem for thailand. the verdict is a clear lack of human rights. since the beginning of this case, he was detained. >> the european union issued a statement saying the verdict undermines the right to freedom of expression and press freedom. it went on to say that it affects thailand's image as a free and democratic society. his supporters gathered outside the court curb some believe he
. plus -- >> in egyptian -- in a community in southern thailand, resisting pressure to find another new home. >> china is calling for calm and restraint after north korea said it is planning a new nuclear attack. the announcement was made days after the u.n. increased sanctions against north korea following a rocket launch last month. harry fawcett has more. >> if north korea's recent rocket launch was regarded as an act of defiance at the u.n., the security council resolution said that from peon yang reform p'yongyang there was more to come. >> we're not hiding from the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the united states. >> this was both a return to the kind of fiery anti-u.s. rhetoric that has been notable by its actions during kim jong-un's first year in power and the confirmation that a third nuclear test was in the works. that confirmation comes as no surprise to south korea. the defense ministry debriefing saying that the proportions of the test site in northeastern north korea we
. >>> thousands of refugees have been landing in recent months on shores in southern thailand. they've been fleeing violence and persecution in myanmar. the muslims are a minority in the mainly buddhist country. nhs world reports. >> reporter: i'm standing at the police station in the province. dozens of people are being kept here with no idea where they will be sent to next. they are survivors of a voyage. they drifted at sea for about three weeks until finally they reached the coast of thailand. their boats were overcrowded. 1,500 made the journey in rough seas. nearly 500 people were confirmed drowned in the last year. the death toll is believed to be much higher. >> translator: we were out of water, out of food, out of everything. we were forced to drink sea water until we were caught. almost everyone was unconscious when we were found and detained. >> translator: our homes were burnt down and we were told there is nowhere for us to live. so we decided to flee. if we hadn't, we would have been killed. >> violence last year killed about 170 people and displaced as many as 100,000. an est
. so he's taking time instead to visit japan's neighbors. he'll head next week to indonesia, thailand, and vietnam. abe wants to strengthen cooperation among southeast asian nations. several of them are caught up in territorial disputes with china. and security analysts say abe wants to keep china in check. u.s. state department spokeswoman victoria nuland said officials on both sides are still work out the detail of abe's visit to washington. she said secretary of state hillary clinton will meet next week with japanese foreign minister fumeio kishida. nuland said clinton spoke with kishida over the phone and repeated the stance on the senkaku islands in the east china sea. clinton said the islands are covered by the security treaty between the two countries. nuland said clinton urged chinese and japanese diplomats to hold talks to resolve the issue. >>> now, before abe heads off, he has to take care of some business at home. ai uchida has been following up on that. so ai, what has abe been up to? >> well, catherine, you might remember yesterday he gave outlines of his proposed stimul
and offer courses in premodern history, thailand, and vietnam. >> host: why important to know that history? >> guest: the united states is very much engaged in that corner effort world that we have many allies there, partners we are working with, and many students at the nature academy who are going to be officers who are going to go to southeast asia representing our interests there so i think it's borpt for them to know southeast asian history, to be comfortable with the cultures, and have a knowledge of their history. >> host: well, professor, one of the long time allies is tie land, and you have a book call "in baddist company, thai soldiers in the vietnam war." what role did the thai military play in the vietnam war? >> guest: was a close ally to the united states in the vietnam war that people familiar with the circumstances of the war know that not only did thai thad troops to fight next to the united states and other forces, but thailand also served as a base for many of the aircraft that were flying, bombing missions over the trail, over laos, south vietnam, and we, at the time, b
't catch on. it didn't go viral, so to speak as we would say today. and that was thailand. if you look at the late 1980s, the asian development bank predicted thailand would collapse under the pressure of aids. the 17-year-old person the military were running as high as three. hiv-positive at the age of 17 by the time time they were 22 in the military, the rate was way beyond my end that lets catastrophic and they had no tools and the product completely under control. why didn't that become the model for the world? why do we obligate thailand is that there was this isolated case? >> is a good example of why did it work in thailand? because of strong leadership and not worry too much about public opinion and said 100% condoms promotion. it was enforced but not only public-health people, but it was of course to preserve thailand's sex industry, which is what billions of dollars. it is something there is no willingness to do. today, you see an ad for condoms on prime time in this country? >> on mtv we do. >> okay good. but it is this double standard about sexuality and sex and not dealing
in columbia. still to come, a village where the peace lasts for now, but how much longer? a zoo in thailand hopes this can be saved from extinction. fires andcase of floods and for australia's. the bushfire is continuing in the southern marshes part. did you showers in news out wells, but some of the lightning strikes have been causing problems with the bushfires and it's quite possible they have sparked a few of those fires in recent days. there will still be a few showers close to the coastal fringes of new south wales. there is some cause for good news there. further north, this is where we are talking about flooding. you can see this circulation that may well develop in the northern areas of queensland. this is also affecting indonesia. they say they are in the process of easing a bit now. making its way into the southeastern part of sri lanka, nothing nearly as wet as it was a few weeks ago. 5 inches across the portion of southeast asia. >> the top stories on al- jazeera. after a four-day siege in the saharan desert, algeria is warning the number of debt is expected to rise. 23 hostage
some think he will try to cement his legacy. >> he's going to try to get our long term in thailand obligations under control and set us on a new fiscal course. >> the president's first foreign-policy priority last term was israeli-palestinian peace. it's unlikely to take the top spot the second time, where most expect the president's focus to be on iran. >> it's hard to believe if we can't get a meaningful negotiation within the next two years that you will not have it read capable of producing a nuclear weapons. then, the u.s. has the choice in its negotiations -- will the solution be containment or is it going to be a preventive strike? >> as he takes the oath again, he will do it with the experience of that presidencies are often formed by crises that happened outside of their control. he will know all folksy brought here last i did not change washington. he will try something -- you have to try something new if you want to accomplish his ambitious agenda this type. >> there are reports that algeria special forces have captured five of the kidnappers involved in the past plant i
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overnight? >> i mean overnight. that's the way it worked for me. [jingly thai music] >> thailand: an exotic vacation land known for its buddhas, its beaches, its brothels. but how about going for hip surgery or a multiple bypass or a face-lift? a growing number of americans are doing just that, combining holidays with healthcare. this uninsured louisiana man had a complicated quintuple bypass. this woman from bend, oregon, a bit of an eye lift. >> it was just beyond my expectations. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm steve kroft. in this episode, we'll look at people who market medical procedures as business ventures, everything from anti-aging treatments to a protocol that claims to end addiction. we'll begin with doctors and pharmacists who are catering to the 78 million aging baby boomers who want to slow that aging process down or to even turn back the clock. the treatments usually include doses of the same performance-enhancing drugs that are now banned by most professional sports-- things like testosterone, dhea, and human growth hormone. as we first reported in 2006, all of this h
shoes. >> president obama will be visiting thailand but he boent be staying long. it's three countries in three days. because they can't schedule a bunch of official stops for the president to see all of thailands most famous sights, the u.s. embassy came up with another idea. we call it president fauxbama. a cardboard cut out which the embassy has photographed. they have done ten of these in all. flat president obama posed at famous thai landmarks. even though we thought they toted him around the country to do this, these are theme park replicas of major lan marks across thailand. it's fauxbama visiting faux thailand. before this presidential campaign, remember that newt gingrich was the live newt girls guy. the former speaker of the house making money with direct mail an giving people fake awards that you had to pay thousands of dollars to collect. s >> you say you shouldn't go to work before you're 14, 16 years old. you're totally poor. i tried to have a very simple model 37 most of these schools ought to get rid of unionized janitors and have one a master janitor and pay local stud
. police in thailand have arrested a man on suspicion of killing a british tourist during a new year's eve party. he was caught in the crossfire between local gangs. >> he was celebrating the new year on this paradise island, but the family said they have been left devastated by his death. the 22-year-old was holidaying on a popular island when he was reportedly caught by a stray bullet during a fight between two groups at a bar. the police have arrested a man and have reportedly found the gun used. they said that he was simply a bystander. this is a former colleague of stevens. today, he paid tribute. >> he was a lovely guy. he always thought that whatever he put his hand to, he would do well. >> his family has gone to thailand and the british ambassador is expected to revisit the scene tomorrow. >> it is almost two years since the tsunami in japan caused a nuclear crisis at the plant in the book she met. the nearby town is to totally empty. -- the tsunami in japan caused a nuclear crisis in the fukushima. there is another group that the outside world hears nothing about and they are the
hook school shooting. thailand will be sending about 400 refugees back to me and more. is the second such deportation in one week. they were found in a rubber plantation and more than 100,000 of them have been displaced after sectarian violence. members of the community in thailand have been protesting against the government of myanmar. they have gathered outside in bangkok. they want them to stop the fighting. this may soon be a thing of the past four primary students in indonesia. they want the subject removed so more time can be spent on things like religion and nationalism. they say the move is a step backward. we have a report from jakarta. >> learning about the motion. it is a prime exercised for children around the world. these children may lose out on some experiments of the government goes ahead with taking a science out of the curriculum. >> science is cool. lots of beautiful, objects can be made through science. when i grow up, i want to be a professor in biotechnology. >> the education ministry says there too overburdened for such causes and they want schools to focus mai
. >> trip home to see her dying mother left one virginia woman strandeden thailand. to night her husband is speaking out. frustrated by the red tape that is keeping them apart. news 4s richard jr. dordan has r story. >> that's what i tell feel when they ask. they ask where my wife is. i say the government stole her for 12 months. >> adam ross and his bride shared three weeks of marriage before the two had to leave each other. ross is at home in herndon. his wife is back in her homeland, thailand. the couple usually loves to travel. >> we went to san diego on a trip. >> now the newlywed are half a world apart. >> it's been five months without her. >> the only way to connect is through skype. >> this is how i remember the first year of our marriage. >> ross and his wife were married six muchonths ago. her mother on her deathbed. she was in the process of getting her green card. left before getting travel documents. lose herring standing and keeping her from returning to her husband. >> when i found out she wasn't going to be coming back, nine to 12 months it was a huge shock to me. >> sinc
to a random person. >> find out what happened to the rude robbers. >>> and a party in thailand takes a turn for the worse. ♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. >>> we'll tell you anti a bonus video you can find ond our website. >>> 911 calls are sometimes frantic, sometimes scary. these are a little different. here are a few examples of how you can spice up your 911 call using music. >> i would say. ♪ this girl is on fire >> she has a number of other examples of how you can call 911. definitely don't prank call. >> all you have to do is head over to >>> there are many future isic and concept ideas that blow our mind because they're so wild. they never actually make it into production or we never actually see it in our daily lives. it turns out in the netherlands, a futuristic highway is, in fact, going to happen. our friends over at anime helps us illustrate what this means. basically it's a highway with glow in the dark road markings that have photo luminous and paint that charge during the day and light at night. >>
. she offered her understanding for japan's position. she said thailand will play a constructive role in improving relations with relevant nations. >>> diplomats have agreed to urge the un security council to punish north korea for its latest mission law firm. japan's lead envoy in the six-party talks on north korea's met his south korean counterpart in seoul on thursday. >> thank you so much for waiting. >> we agree that security council on behalf of the entire community must take the appropriate action sooner than later. >> both sides decided to cooperate in rallying support from other countries to urge new sanctions against pyongyang. south korea sits on the security council as a nonpermanent member. he also sought south korea's support for progress in the abduction issue. the japanese government says at least 17 citizens were abducted by agents from north korea during the 1970s and 1980s. >>> chinese people commented online that the editors used the paper to force their frustration. the weekly publication issued a correction on thursday to fix three glitches from the new year's ed
. some serious questions about the state of the government being raised by this incident. >> thailand said it is sending a boatload of refugees back to myanmar. there were found drifting near an island resort. several have been displaced and fighting broke out in the state. they're not recognized as citizens. the president of the central african republic has removed his son as defense minister. rebels say they are stopping their advance to allow for peace talks in gabon. >> hundreds of foreign soldiers are in the republic. the government is not going to let them go easily. >> it is held and in their security. >> the rebel advance has halted. tensions remain inside the capitol. these men accused security forces of exploiting and stability to target muslims. >> we want peace but here they all the rest muslims. more than 400 have been arrested. we do not accept it. all prisoners should be released whether they're from the north are the central part of the country. >> security forces say they are wholly those they believe barbel lawyers. there has been no indication that religion has play
them from landing on soil. it's the latest incident in the crackdown on the minority muslims. thailand is facing a mass influx of refugees from neighboring countries. on tuesday naval forces intercepted more than 20 0 migrants. a boat packed with men was heading south when it was spotted. more than 1700 are in custody. the thai authorities would normally deport them. facing international pressure they have stopped deportations but they have announced they plan to turn boats away. a conflict broke out last may after a group of muslims assaulted a buddhist woman. an estimated 800,000 have living in myanmar where they have been denied citizenship. the unite nations estimate that 13,000 people fled myanmar and bangladesh in 2012 with some dying on route. >>> economic growth doesn't always go with freedom of expression. an organization defending the rights of international journalist has put attention. reporters without orders on wednesday, the report ranks countries based on an assessment of the commitment made by government to protect freedom of the press. the organization did not put ase
, apena's mother in thailand got terminally ill. the problem -- she left the country before finishing the process to get a green card, and that kept her from returning to herndon to be with her husband. she's been stuck in thailand for five months now, away from her new husband. >> i haven't seen any humanity from these people. they can't imagine themselves in my position. they're just a result of very, very bad bureaucracy. >> adam ross says he reached tout elected officials who tried to intervene, but immigration officials won't budge. >>> two days, two losses for the wizards in the new year. washington fell to the pacers last night 89-81. d.c. fell behind as much as 17 points in the first half but battled back to keep it close. jordan crawford led the team with 20 points. it's the wizards' 11th loss in the last 12 games. there was some good news. bradley beal was named the eastern conference rookie of the month for averaging 13 points a game in december. >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray has a lot riding on this sunday's redskins/seahawks playoff game. he made a friendly wager with seatt
of southeast asian countries. abe will make stops in vietnam, thailand, and indonesia. government officials say he's trying to organize a coordinated response to chinese maritime activities. they say he wants to work with other leaders touaraeeree and safe navigation through the east china sea and the south china sea. the officials say abe and his counterparts will discuss intrusions by chinese ships into japanese waters near the senkaku islands. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan also claim them. abe says china has tried to change the status quo by force and unilaterally escalate the situation. >>> hundreds of fans have gathered to show their support for a popular chinese author. he's expressed his support for journalists who have been censored by chinese officials. more than 800 people came to a book signing event in shenzhen for li chengpeng. he writes about social injustice in china. officials forced the southern weekly newspaper to rewrite an editorial calling for social freedom and democracy. li wrote on the internet that china does not need an aircraft carrier. he said it needs
neighboring thailand. >> his work is well known across southeast asia, but his disappearance on december 15 is a mystery. helping poortha farmers that turned him a prestigious award. >> gandhi's words are still relevant. >> he ran one of the most important nonprofits in his home country of alllaos. he was stopped at a police checkpoint and taken into a building. his car was driven off by someone. and several people came out of the building driving off in a pickup truck. if he has not been heard from since then. this person has known him 20 years. >> it's very difficult to believe he could be a threat to anyone. he is a mild mannered person, very accommodative, very much a person who interacts with people of different opinions. >> authorities tell his wife they don't have him, they say might have been kidnapped for personal or business conflicts and an investigation is underway. >> my husband is not a dissident. he's been a very low profile social development worker interested in helping the country, teaching young people in community service, empowering them. >> his wife says his work has a
in thailand and indonesia on his first official trip after being reelected last month. economic relations in and -- and china pose a growing military might is likely to top the agenda. japan and vietnam are locked in a maritime disputes with china. they lay claims to a group of islands in the east china sea. islands farther south are claimed by vietnam, and several other countries in the region are claiming them as well. a u.s. talk-show host, oprah winfrey, has been speaking about her interview with lance armstrong. she would not confirm whether or not the ban cyclists confessed to taking drugs. he has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from professional cycling for life. we will find out what he says on thursday when the interview airs. venezuela's vice president steps in for hugo chavez. still ahead, his state of the nation address and his message to the opposition. and getting to safety. two japanese airlines have grounded the streamliners after another malfunction. what next for boeing? -- grounded the dreamliners. >> hello and welcome back. if you look at th
, thailand and indonesia to strengthen ties in one of the world's economic regions. japanese companies are boosting investments here amid a territorial spam. as nhk world reports, they face a constant struggle to remain competiti competitive. >> reporter: indonesia is booming. commit is driving more than 6% a year. no wonder japanese firms i want to do business here. this sewing fact industry -- a japanesemaker of sporting gear. 60,000 leather gloves for golf and baseball are produced here every month. 12 years ago, the company chose indonesia, where labor costs were lower than in china. >> translator: making gloves requires a lot of work. so keeping labor costs low is critical for our business. >> reporter: but even in indonesia, the minimum wage has more than doubled in the last six years. how much of the extra costs they can pass on to consumers is immeasurable. >> translator: this year has been the toughest ever. i don't know how we can overcome this. >> reporter: some businesses think they found the solution. it was known as asia's final frontier. western nations have eased sancti
to southeast asia. on thursday, he was here in thailand, the second stop on his first overseas trip since taking office last month. abe says his government places importance on relations with asean but how do asean governments view japan? nhk world's takuma yoshioka asked a respected commentator in singapore. >> reporter: this is the dean of the school of public policy and a former diplomat. he served as singapore's ambassador to the united nations. he's known for his frank opinions. and he expressed his opinions about japanese foreign policy towards the asean region. >> i don't think japan ever saw asean as a great priority. in fact, in japan's world view, you know, america is number one and europe is number two. and asean was way low in the priorities, you know. and i think the key thing for japanese policymakers to understand today is that today europe represents the past. america represents the present. and asia, including southeast asia, represents the future. this is now the future of the world. >> reporter: southeast nations are gaining confidence thanks to their rising economic po
thailand mother with musical aspirations in a truly gifted journalist father when she abandoned them to poverty. she was both devastated and in the liberated. as angry as she was, she liked thompson was able to convince herself. naughty and rebellious ms. fairfield first tried to be an actress which was a terrible thing for a respectable woman to do but early on, she realized that her true passion and the devotee was the spoken word coming and she became a feminist journalist as a tool for initiating social change. by the age of 20, she had earned a reputation as a serious problem assessed, and by the age of 30, she was not only a journalist, she was a literary biographer, and novelist and a literary critic with a scathing reputation for 40 years took britain by storm. her writing come across every genre from fiction to nonfiction and the range of her knowledge was light and deep. she can truly be called a public intellectual in the sense that lionel trilling defined it. one who's writing lives at the crossroads of literature, the bloody crossroads of literature and politics and thos
's traveling to vietnam, thailand and indonesia next week. it will be his first trip abroad since taking office last month. chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga says the four-day tour to the members of the association of southeast asian nations will start next wednesday. >> translator: the strategic environment has been changing drastically in the asia pacific region. it is crucial that japan strengthen its cooperative ties with asean members to secure peace and prosperity in this area. >> suga denied suggestions from the media that china's expansion in the south china sea is the main reason for the visit. he and prime minister abe want to firm up economic partnerships with these fast-growing asian countries, which are leading global economic growth. >>> senior officials of the ruling liberal democratic party and it's coalition party have agreed on abe's economic stimulus plan. the agreement came on thursday at a meeting attended by abe who is also the ldp leader and new komeito leader, natsayama guchi. abe calls the stimulus the first in a series of measures to avoid the economy's freefall a
the indian epiics actually the indian epiics for very common in cambodia and bali and thailand and there is a different aesthetic. all southeast asia and asia there are a lot of similarities. >> he is a male entity. he is not -- are you referring to the story? >> it's interesting you should say that. a unique indian concept is one of half male, half female. and that is -- unlike some dances the solo dancer portrays all of the parts in the story. you can portray a feminine aspect and then masculine aspect with the bow and arrow. the male has to portray feminine and the female has to portray masculine. there is a very fierce dance and a soft sort of dance and every dancer has to learn all those aspects. it's very, you know, my teacher i call him a guru in this art form you have to study very, very hard. you have to learn about all the cultural aspects. he says it's liberating because he enjoys and has to learn to bring up the feminine aspect. he's a strong character it's a challenge for him and he likes it. the stories are metaphor cal. i don't look at this that this is a man o
stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> in thailand, no need to get out of your p.j.s for this competition. the annual bed race has locals and tourists alike dressing up with their decorated beds on wheels. the tradition began five years ago with participants racing hospital beds for charity. it's evolved to more complicated designs with creative flair. the winning team with the shortest race time took home the trophy. no sleeping when you do this one. >> you would be the sleeping participant. >>> who says carnivale season is only for humans? dogs took to the street taking over the city's famed french quarter. covered with beads, some of the festivities helped raise money for animal adoption agencies. celebrations will continue nearly every day until mardi gras happens on february 14. we're close. hard to believe. >> a narrow escape for one motorcycle rider in china after a truck comes to a crashing halt. the motorcycle rider was waiting at a light last week when a truck overturned at the intersection. that's scary. the biker quickly reacted. thankfully nobody was
in the northern half of thailand. about 100 millimeters has been recorded over the past 24 hours and there's more to come into your thursday. so flooding, landslides are going to be a concern. temperatures are looking like this. 20 degrees in hong kong. warming up to 16 degrees in shanghai and 8 degrees in seoul on wednesday. now, in north america winter storm conditions are still persisting across the west. lots of heavy snow in the mountains. we have blizzard warnings posted for northeastern nevada. so travel is strongly discouraged. meanwhile, we have a long cloud band stretching from mexico up into the northeast. underneath it there is a lot of extreme weather happening. we have freezing rain and snow showers to the north and rain to the south. conditions are particularly severe in and around this low pressure system. we have reports of a couple of tornadoes touching down in arkansas and missouri. downed trees and power lines and hail the size of a golf ball. severe weather here will continue into tonight. but the system will slowly make its way toward the east affecting the eastern third of
is planning to get better acquainted with other leaders in his region. he's traveling to vietnam, thailand and indonesia next week. it will be his first trip abroad since taking office last month. chief cabinet secretary yoshido says the members of the southeast asian nations will start next wednesday. >> translator: the strategic environment has been changing drastically in the asia pacific region. it is crucial that japan strengthen its cooperative ties with asean members to secure peace and prosperity in this area. >> suga denied suggestions from the media that china's expansion in the south china sea is the main reason for the visit. he and prime minister abe want to firm up economic partnerships with these fast-growing asian countries, which are leading global economic growth. >>> abe is not only taking care of business overseas but his main focus has been to boost the economy here so japan can start growing again. ron madison in the studio with more on that. >> yeah, we have been talking a few days at areas they would like to see stimulus, gene, and now we hear senior officials of th
birthday. >> generally when you look of the world -- thailand and countries all over, monarchs tend to die on the front before the handover. >> all over the world. as we are an aging population we are also an aging market. it reflects the pattern of the population. much of the monarch's across all the throws. >> do you often heard being an heir of the front is not do it is a predicament. >> the weights are getting longer. -- waits a getting longer. >> we are glad people are living longer. does the dutch royal family need a shop in the arm? prince wilhelm alexander, 45, relatively glamorous, young wife. >> he will be the first man on the dutch throne since '89. he has three daughters, so you will be essentially a brief male interlude. it is going to be a change because the dutch are used to a female monarchy. but things have been changing in holland because in 2010 the queen of holland had much more power than the average european monarch. she had a lot of political power to call forward the coalition -- >> diluted a bit recently. but there was a succession -- impressions you what a little
this thailand media is influenced by china, they are going not to reason, but there are some other new media, for example, internet, which is comparatively independent from china's inference, so maybe more and more people will look for this kind of media. >>> china's rise brought it wealth, power and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens its health and disputed seas strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." >>> the operators of japan's power plants are bracing themselves for a new set of rules. nuclear regulation authority officials have drafted new safety standards for protecting their reactors from earthquakes and tsunami. an expert panel within the authority finalized the guidelines they'll that will be passed into law by july. the new regulations will define active faults as formations that moved in the past 120,000 into 130,000 years but that could be extended to 400,000 years ago if faults are hard to identify. the guidelines will force plant operators to prepare for the highest possible tsunami for all of the reac
fires in recent years. just five months ago, a fire at a popular club in phuket, thailand killed four. one of the most memorable happened in the united states in february 2003. pyrotechnics used by the heavy metal band, great white, sparked a fire that claimed 100 lives at a nightclub in west warwick, rhode island . "we're really sad, and it's a hard feeling." people stateside are also mourning sunday's tragedy. congregants of a brazilian christian church in marietta, georgia are gathering to pray for victims and their families. "we just um, remember them and hope and pray for, you know, the best for the people in that community and the community here." i'm cristina mutchler reporting. egyptian president mohamed morsy has imposed a curfew in three cities. it follows rioting sparked by death sentences handed down to 21 people involved in violence that left dozens dead at a soccer match last year. morsi imposed the 9 p-m to 6 a- m curfew in port said.. where 38 people were killed in the weekend rioting.. and in the cities of suez and ismailia near the suez canal. egyptian security force
thailand have given food and drink to muslim refugees who crowded boat was fleeing from the violence in burma. they were trying to flee to malaysia and had been traveling without food or water for days. the refugees were not allowed to land in certain territories and are expected to be left to continue. much more continuing from "bbc world news," thank you for being with us. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of
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